Pints? Cowbells? I don't get it.

In the world of master's racing these things just go together. That's especially true in cyclocross, where we have our roots. The cowbells are for ringing and cheering. The pints are... well you probably know that part.

Weird stuff happens online. Is ordering here safe?

Every page on this site has "https" encryption between it and your computer. No one can sneak in and see what you're typing in or what you're seeing.

Also, our purchasing system does not save your payment information. It only gets securely transmitted to the payment processor when your payment is made and is not stored or used for any other purpose.

If you see something that doesn't look right get in touch with us with on of the options on our contact page and we'll see what's up.

How long before I get my stuff?

That depends. Some items will get to you in a few days, others take a week or two.

This is because we use custom printers for some of our items while others we have made ahead of time and have ready to go. Still other items are limited edition and take a little longer to get out the door.

The product description on each item will give you an estimated delivery time from when you order.

Regardless, you will get updates every step of the way, either by email or Facebook Messenger (or both). You receive order confirmation, shipping notices and updates on delivery.